Youth Ministries


Dr. Pamela Vereen

     Minister to Youth/Youth Ministries 


To be elected

     YPD Director

Sister LaQuanda Palmer and 

Sister Temple Cuttino

     Youth Choir Directors

Dr. Pam Vereen

     Teen/Children’s Bible Study Instructor

Sister Lori Flegler

     Children’s Sermon Ministry

Sister Della Cuttino

     Acolyte Ministry Chairperson

Sister Cheryl LaSane

     2ndSunday Usher Coordinator, Youth

Sister Kim Thompson

     Sunbeam Choir Advisor

Sister Della Cuttino, Sister Beverly Palmer, 

Sister LaToya Palmer

      Youth Choir Advisors

Brother Tim Mention

      Athletic Ministry Coordinator

Sister Lisa Lawrence

     Debutante and Masters Commission,  


Sister Debra McKnight, Sister LaQuanda Palmer, 

Sister Beverly Palmer

     Youth Activities Board

Sister Samantha Vereen and

Sister Debra McKnight

      Vacation Bible School

Sister Debra Ann McKnight

     Youth Summer Read Coordinator

     Sister Karen Wilson, 

     Sister Leola Thompson, 

     Sister Janice Cobb, 

     Sister Erica Barcus, 

     Dr. Theresa Wright, Co-Coordinators

Sister DaShawnda Williams

      Praise Dance Ministry, Coordinator

Reverend Irene McCown

      School and Community Liaison