Worship Ministries


Dr. Pamela Vereen

      Minister of Music

Reverend Benjamin Palmer

      Minister of Worship and Arts

Sister Karen Wilson.


Brother Frank Vereen




Brother Javion Palmer

      Bongo Player

Sister Sheryl Lawrence

      Praise and Worship Team Coordinator

Sister Pearl Fulton

      Stewardess Board #1 President

Sister Betty Davis

      Stewardess Board #2 President

Sister Margie Mention

      Stewardess Board #3 President

Sister Della Cuttino

      Stewardess Board #4 President

Sister Laura Fulmore

      Mary L. Palmer Floral Ministry

Sister Pam Cowan

      Intercessory Pray Ministry Chairperson

Reverend Benjamin Palmer

      Touch of Faith/Midday Prayer

Sister Betty Barcus Cokley

      4th and 5th Sunday Usher Coordinator

Sister Cheryl LaSane

      2nd Sunday Usher Coordinator, Youth

Brother Gervis Smith

      3rd Sunday Usher Coordinator

Sister Lori Flegler

      1st Sunday Usher Coordinator

To be elected on or before November 3, 2019

      Voices of Hope Choir President

To be elected on or before November 3, 2019

      Male Choir President

Tiffany Vereen, Deiondra Williams,

Kinsley Reed, Madeline Blackstock, 

Johnovan Barkers

      Sound/Video Ministry

Sister Marilyn Frasier

      Greeter’s Society Chairperson

Sister Eunice C. Vereen

       Hospitality Society Chairperson

Sister Sarah Singletary

       Pastor’s Aide Chairpersons

Sister Dorether P. Vereen

       Friends and Family Day Coordinator 

Brother Gervis Smith

       Church Security Coordinator